MMF Luncheon 2014

An enormous thank you to Dave Barry, Paul Levine, Arlene Segal, Stuart Grossman, and all of our luncheon guests!


Dr. Paul Meyers

It is with tremendous pleasure  to announce that Paul A. Meyers, Vice Chair of Academic Affairs in the Department of Pediatrics, has been named the incumbent of the newly established Robbins Family Chair in Pediatrics.  Dr. Meyers has made vast contributions to sarcoma care in children and young adults and is deeply committed to evaluating new therapies in clinical trials; he is equally dedicated to training the next generation of pediatric oncologists.

An endowed chair represents one of the highest honors Memorial Sloan-Kettering bestows on our most talented faculty.  We are proud to recognize Dr. Meyers, and to continue to support his research and clinical excellence.  His work benefits patients around the world and will have a lasting impact.