Who We Are

Our Story: Margaux’s Miracle Foundation was created in the memory of Margaux Renee Grossman, by her closest friends to raise awareness of childhood cancers through various community service projects.


Through fundraising efforts, we have now expanded to endow a full time research fellowship named in Margaux’s memory at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City where she was treated.

By supporting the Margaux Grossman Fellowship, the foundation is helping to advance the efforts to understand the nature of Ewing’s sarcoma, and to bring us closer to controlling and eventually curing this challenging disease and other childhood cancers.

Mission Statement: Through her courage, positive attitude, kindness and concern for others, Margaux Grossman left a lasting impression on her friends in a brief but beautiful life. Margaux’s Miracle is dedicated to preserving Margaux’s spirit through hands-on acts of service to the community in her honor. Our goal is to make miracles happen for those who need them the most.

Margaux’s Miracle Foundation, a not for profit corporation, has been established to provide and publish the results of research seeking to test and improve upon complementary treatments for cancer patients. Particular emphasis will be placed upon Ewing’s sarcoma and other childhood cancers. The foundation will also seek funding for scientific research by professionals and organizations devoted to finding and developing complementary treatment techniques to those offered by the established medical community.

The organization is also dedicated to service impacting the health, education, and spiritual well being of children of all ages.

Margaux’s Miracle Foundation will additionally focus on programs and organizations dedicated to the health and well being of animals in need, primarily horses. And will support enlisting the use of horses as healing agents.